An Introduction

Posted by Molly Blasier on 13th Feb 2023

An Introduction

I guess that I’m somewhat of a seeker. My seeker motivations send me to explore and discover science based and culturally proven ways to improve health and wholistically, how our bodies feel. I look forward to Sybil being a place where I can share the results of my being a finder. 

We are born as amazingly balanced little beings in perfect homeostasis. Both structurally and intellectually ready to take on the world. As we grow, so do environmental, emotional, and physical challenges grow, causing stress and pushing us out of balance. The ultimate goal of wellness is to bring that balance back. 

I am not a doctor and have not had any formal medical training, but I have had significant life-interludes of injuries and internal health issues to work through. I have learned that the level to which we truly heal is dependent on our awareness of our own bodies and that true wellness is the act of taking control of our own wellbeing. This awareness journey has brought me to seek a lifestyle that includes homeopathy, attention to nutrition, quality and cutting edge supplements, attention to movement and posture, attention to quieting my mind. 

I have chosen each of the remedies in this first Sybil menu of products to target specific issues that we all may face frequently or just now and then. I was reluctant to suggest dosage and frequency of when to take these remedies as again, it is best to take them when you feel that you need them. Being aware of your body is that first step to empowering yourself back into balance.