Travel Kit


Add a Sybil Travel Kit to your things-to-pack and know that you have a remedy in reach should you need extra comfort away from home. The Travel Kit includes compact but still generous sizes of each product. Just enough to last you on your journey or to give away as a special gift for someone whose wellness you care about.

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Our Travel Kit is the perfect introduction for you or as a special gift for someone to experience the powers of our custom-formulated hemp-derived products and longevity nutraceuticals. 


Take wellness with you on the go.


  • Longevity 1
  • Longevity 2+3
  • Focus CBG Tincture


  • Calm CBD Gummy


  • Sleep CBN Tincture

As Needed

  • Recovery Gel CBD Roll-On

Suggested Use

  • See Calm
  • See Energy
  • See Sleep
  • See Recovery Gel
  • See Longevity #1 & Longevity 2+3